About LG Car Sales

Meet the team here at LG Car Sales

The proprietors Richard Andrews and Trevor Bailey established LG Car Sales in 1991. The business moved to the present site in November 2004. With a wealth of previous motor experience (over 75 years in total) a genuine personal service is guaranteed.


Richard Andrews

Director / Sales

Richard has over 40 years of experience in the motor trade. He started at a Datsun (now Nissan) dealerships and went on to manage Ford and Vauxhall franchises before starting LG Car Sales in 1991 with co-director Trevor. Richard is still involved with the day to day running of the business but will often escape in his beloved LG Ranger, effortlessly combining the two roles of Director and 'Gopher' into one seamless blend.


Trevor Bailey

Director / Sales

Trevor has over 30 years of experience in the motor trade and has work for Vauxhall Franchises. With a background in accounting he is the numbers man at LG. You will find Trevor actively involved in vehicle sales, unless hiding away either crunching numbers or biscuits while doing the company accounts.


Alex Andrews

Manager / Sales

Alex joined the company in 2007 from a prominent online retailer where he was a gadget and toy buyer (read: geek). You will find Alex in the sales office switching between multiple roles and more than willing to field answers to any questions you might have… whether directly related to motor vehicles or not. Feel free to test him.


Martin White

Vehicle Buyer / Sales

Martin is the company's tame used vehicle buyer. Legend has it he was raised in the Bavarian wilderness by a family of Wild VW Polo's. Martin's principle role is to locate and buy stock but on the odd occasion you will find him lurking around the office, only too happy to help with enquiries and sales.


Peter Speed


Peter has a lot of experience in the motor trade. He claims to have been around when the Dinosaurs invented cars. True or not, we benefit from his experience on Sundays when you can find Pete in the office, eating us out of house and home.



Head Mechanic

Too enigmatic for more than one name, Blondie is the workshop boss. With over 30 years experience he has worked on a gargantuan amount of different makes and models of cars. Famous locally for his ability to improvise in the workplace as well as for eating the entire menu in one sitting down at Ali's Kebabs, Blondie's legend continues to grow.


Mick Smith

Senior Mechanic

Mick has years of experience, both at independent and franchise dealerships. He is a Honda specialist and electrician who is renowned for his methodical approach and patience. This determined mindset is also seen in effect in the presence of Fruit Machines and local poker tournaments.


James Heyes

MOT Tester and Mechanic

James is our resident MOT tester. Renowned for a 'can do attitude' as well as the fact we're not sure he is really as local as he says (we're pretty sure his passport has 'Tatooine' on it) he is always obliging and has a wicked turn of phrase that often (unintentionally) would rival that of the late, great Two Ronnies!