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  • 6 ways to lower the cost of your car insurance

    6 tips to help you get a good deal when insuring your vehicle

    Once you have seen the car you want to buy, you need to find out how much it will cost to insure. One high quote can put you off proceeding with the purchase, but don't despair; there are a few ways you can lower the cost of your car insurance.

    1. Shop around

    Don't be satisfied with the first quote you get, even if the insurance company say they have done all of the shopping around for you. Some may charge a higher price by adding on extra products that you may not necessarily want or need. Use price comparison sites and call various insurance companies.

    2. Say that you've been shopping around

    If you tell another insurance provider that you've been shopping around and you've seen a better deal elsewhere, they may offer you a discount to secure your custom.

    3. Check security

    Does the car you're looking to buy have an alarm, immobiliser or tracking device? If so, declaring this could reduce your premium.

    4. Increase your excess

    Increasing your voluntary excess means you will pay more towards the cost of repairs in the event of an accident. The price of your premium may drop, and if the accident isn't your fault, you can recover the excess.

    5. Only include necessary named drivers

    Sometimes, adding more named drivers to your policy can bump the premium price up rather than bringing it down. Only add those who will drive the car on a regular basis, and if someone else needs to use it, you can always add them to your policy for a short period of time.

    6. Go for a blackbox policy

    By choosing to have a little black box installed in your car that monitors how safely you drive, you could significantly lower your premium.