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  • Buying a first car for your child - important points

    The day all parents dread has arrived – your child is legally old enough to drive and is ready to hit the road in their own set of wheels. It seems like only yesterday that they were taking their first steps! Unless you’ve recently won the lottery, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be purchasing them a brand new car, so why not come and have a look at what LG Car Sales can do for you?

    Tips on helping you purchase a first car for your child

    Why going for a used car may be your best bet

    Financially, you’re almost definitely going to be better off buying a used car every single time - lower initial outlay, lower insurance and less panic about them writing off half your bank balance if they have a scrape.

    Finding the right car for first time drivers

    Try to find something which isn’t particularly high powered. Good handling, responsive brakes and quick steering are essential. A small, economical car will not only be cheaper to run, but have lower insurance premiums. Insurance is going to be high enough as it is for a young driver.

    Think about the kind of trips your child will be making in their car. Will they be doing short trips around town, or driving hundreds of miles to university or to visit friends? Fuel economy is important, so consider whether a diesel might be more appropriate if long journeys are going to be a regular occurrence.

    The safety factor

    While going for the smallest car may seem like a logical choice, you may be surprised to know that it isn’t always the safest option. Smaller cars don’t always offer the best protection in the event of a front end accident, and with figures showing that two thirds of accidents involve new drivers, you’ll want to make sure that your child is in the safest vehicle possible.

    Need help? Ask LG...

    If you’ve got any questions about which car is the best choice for your young driver, why not come along and have a chat with our friendly staff at LG Car Sales? We have a wide selection of used cars in Cambridgeshire, you can also compare vehicles on our website, which may help give you make a choice on that all important purchase.

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