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  • Here comes summer - at least for one car dealer in Cambridge

    Happy Car Buying Customer Leaving Car Dealers In Cambridge With Roof Down On Car

    Sorry! That song is probably going to be rolling around in your head for a few hours now. It struck us recently that some of the many terrific used cars for sale here at LG Car Sales in Ely, to the north of Cambridge, almost seem to have been dressed in perfect shades of colour for these brighter, sunnier, and warmer days.

    The stock moves so fast here at our friendly car dealers in Cambridgeshire, that this kaleidoscope of colour will be ever changing, but, as we write this blog, here are a few current used car examples. Let’s start with an amazing Great Wall Steed TD SE 4x4 DCB (and it's amazing value at less than £10K). It’s white, but so much more than that. Add a swirl of both summer sky blue and a sunset red along both sides and it truly looks as good and as appetising as a traditional seaside swirly ice cream!

    Then there’s a 2013 Vauxhall Astra GTC SRI with just ten thousand miles on the clock. It’s resplendent in a vibrant and thoroughly lemony yellow, perfect to match the noontime sun. Mind you, it would also serve to brighten up a few dark winter mornings too! The sun always looks its best set against a sharp, clear blue sky, and this is superbly represented by a Hyundai ix35 Premium CRDI. To complete this particular catwalk collection, from our LG car dealers near Cambridge, we currently have a Ford Fiesta Zetec S, which offers an impression of the sky somewhat later in the day, with the blue deepening slightly as dusk begins to sneak towards us.

    From all of the above, you might just conclude that we’ve actually been out in the sun too long! Therefore, we’d better not mention the article on the Mirror website, recently highlighted by one of our team, extolling the virtues of pastel shades... So, whatever your choice, the best thing to do is visit our fashion parade of Cambridgeshire car sales here and see for yourself!