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  • Used Car Finance Special Offer

    Used Car Finance Special Offer in Cambridgeshire

    Get low rate car finance with LG Car Sales

    If you're buying a new car, you want to make the most of your money. Bank balances don't stretch forever, which is why it's your goal to find the best car for your needs within the limits of your available budget. Some companies offer car finace options only on their most expensive vehicles, so that you can only choose to pay in instalments if you've already got a lot of spare cash. Other companies will offer new and used car finance on much cheaper vehicles, but usually with high interest rates.

    Why wait for a special offer?

    When you're buying cars, you don't find supermarket-style deals and discounts to tempt you to purchase a vehicle. You can look all around the country for a low rate on your car finance, but if you want a cheap rate on your personal contract purchase (PCP) or your hire purchase (HP) then you'll want to speak to us at LG Car Sales in Cambridgeshire.

    What deals are available?

    At LG Car Sales, you can find amazing prices on finance deals that suit every type of car and every budget. On all vehicles selling for more than £1,500 we offer a 9.9% APR rate for cars that you can afford. You can browse stock on our website and get a car finance quotation, or you can visit us in person to talk to a member of the LG Car Sales team.

    What better way to buy a car?

    On a Personal Contract Purchase agreement, you pay installments to use the car whilst it's owned by the funding company. At the end of your contract you can return the car or pay an additional fee to purchase it, at its price at the time. Hire Purchase agreements are similar, but you'll have paid the full price of the vehicle during your contract so that it can be purchased at the end for a much smaller fee. Whether you pay larger monthly installments and a smaller fee at the end, or smaller monthly installments and a larger final fee, get out 9.9% APR rate for your used car finance.