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  • Car maintenance tutorial

    Maintenance tutorials in Cambridgeshire

    When it comes to servicing and maintenance for used cars there are certain simple things that it is worth knowing how to do yourself. Rather than relying on your garage, being able to take care of things like changing the oil, checking your levels, topping up the washer fluid or checking tyre pressure can save you time and money. But how do you learn to do these things correctly in the first place?

    Well here at LG Cars we are offering a brand new service during which we will not only take care of all the basic service requirements of your car, we will also show you to do it correctly. This means that you have the security of knowing that when you leave our premises your car has been professionally checked and maintained and also that you now have the knowledge to take good care of the vehicle’s basic needs yourself from that point.

    This kind of servicing and maintenance knowledge can actually help bring down the cost of your motoring as a well looked after vehicle that is running efficiently uses less fuel. Keeping your tyres at the correct pressure in particular helps keep fuel usage down so it is knowledge that is well worth having.

    All types of drivers and vehicles are welcome to come and learn these new skills at our Cambridgeshire showroom so give us a call now on 01353 862999 or email us at [email protected] to book yourself in. You will be glad that you did!