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  • Buying a family car: our top tips

    Vehicles for the family

    With soaring property prices and the UK cost of living showing no sign of reducing, savvy car buyers are increasingly looking to the used car market to obtain their next family car. There are many great deals to be had; however, it is crucial that you do your research to find out which sort of car will best fit the needs of your family. From transporting children and elderly relatives to carrying dogs, sports equipment and camping kit, the family car needs to be versatile and reliable. Here are our top tips on what to consider:

    Hatchback or Saloon?

    The traditional four-door saloon may look spacious, but appearances can be deceptive. The boot can be difficult to access and doors often don't open as widely as you may think, meaning this kind of car may be a no-no for those with small children and pushchairs or owners of large dogs. Hatch-backs offer more flexibility; your pet pooch will sit much higher in the boot, allowing them to enjoy the views! For even more space to pack camping kit or flat-packed furniture, consider an estate car, such as the Skoda Octavia estate.

    Child car seats:

    For those families with two or more young children, an MPV or people-carrier offers huge flexibility. Infant car-seats can take up much more space than you realise; many standard saloon or hatch-backs would struggle to comfortably fit three high-back boosters along the back row. However, a seven seater allows you to place your children on different rows and still have room for extra adults. The disadvantage with some models such as the Vauxhall Zafira is the small boot space once all the seats are in use. For a roomier option, consider a larger model, such as the Ford B-Max.

    Sliding doors:

    Anyone with children, disabled members of the family or elderly relatives will know that wide door openings come top of the list when considering a family car. Most MPVs allow plenty of room to fasten a child into a car or give someone a helping hand in or out of their seat. For more flexibility still, consider a model with a sliding door such as the Kia Sedona.