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    Used cars for sale in Cambridgeshire

    One of the team here at LG Car Sales at Ely in Cambridgeshire was telling us a few days ago about a dream they’d had where they were showing people around our stylish showroom. Except, instead of our normal quality used car choices, it was filled with TV and movie cars. So, KITT from Knight Rider (which, incidentally, stood for Knight Industries Two Thousand and was based on a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am) was next to the Batmobile. The model used in the sixties TV series was a one-off customised 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car. A couple of the eleven cars featured in Wacky Races were parked in a corner. If you were a fan, here’s a quick quiz question (answers at the end of this blog) – who drove the Boulder Mobile and the Turbo Terrific in the series?

    This led us to consider which iconic cars we’d have in our own dream showroom. An early suggestion was Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters – which used a 1959 Cadillac chassis built by Miller-Meteor and was found and repaired in the movie by Dr Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd). Next came Herbie, actually a 1963 VW Beetle. With Thunderbirds just back on TV, Lady Penelope’s six-wheel pink Rolls-Royce (FAB 1) was another nomination.

    A raft of more traditional vehicles were added to our list. James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger was a popular choice. It was one of so many Bond cars, including other Aston Martins, a Bentley Continental and Lotus Esprit, several BMWs, and he even drove a Routemaster bus at one stage! Someone piped up with the trio of red, white and blue Minis featured in the memorable chase around the rooftop racetrack at the Fiat factory at Lingotto in Turin for the original version of The Italian Job.

    We could go on. Just like our superb collection of quality used cars here at LG Car Sales there are so many possibilities. Now it’s over to you, do let us know which vehicles would appear in your iconic movie or TV themed showroom.

    Finally, answers as promised. In the Wacky Races the Boulder Mobile was driven by The Slag Brothers and you’d find Peter Perfect in the Turbo Terrific!