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  • How to ensure you get a quality used car at a great price

    A man and a woman next to a car

    Dodgy used car dealers love buyers that are uninformed and know nothing when it comes to buying a car. As most used car buyers buy with their eyes, often whatever is going on under the bonnet will go unnoticed until after the sales has been completed and the buyer has been driving it for a few weeks. To avoid this happening to you, have a look at this advice:

    • Always ask about the car's maintenance record. Dodgy used car dealers hate it when buyers ask questions like this. 

    Now don't expect to be told the truth, so ask if they have the cars service history

    • If you are looking for a particular make and model of used car, do your homework first. Check the average price for this used car before you go to view any. This way you will be able to gauge if the price they are asking is credible or just plain ridiculous.

    • Make sure you take it for a test drive. A dodgy dealer will usually keep the test drive a short one. Say you'd like to drive it for at least 20 minutes and at different speeds. Make sure you keep the radio turned off. It has been known for many unscrupulous dealers to turn the radio up in order to conceal noises the car may make when being driven. Certain noises can indicate problems, or lack of maintenance and care.

    • Do they provide a warranty for their used cars? Any garage that has used cars for sale should offer some kind of warranty. 

    Here at LG Car Sales in Cambridgeshire we provide a 3 month/3000 mile warranty with all used cars costing £2000 or more. Extended warranty's are also available.

    Top tips when buying a used car:

    • Choose a firm with a good reputation in the area. Ask local businesses and friends for recommendations. Any dealer with a good reputation should be able to show you testimonials from customers.

    • Are they a member of any trade associations? This usually means they have a code of practice they must follow.

    • If the car you want to buy has been inspected ask the dealer to show you this report.

    Trust your instincts; dodgy used car dealers will talk around questions instead of answering them, highlighted here brilliantly by the funny dodgy car dealer Arthur Daly.