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  • Get ready for the colder weather with a full car check

    It's time to make sure your vehicle is prepared for winter

    Although this winter has been fairly mild so far with one of the warmest Decembers on record, inevitably we are expecting a much colder outlook for January and February. At this time of year, you need to know that your car will perform well on the roads and keep you safe. As the snow and ice hits, the roads become much more dangerous and your car may need some work to ensure it is ready to handle the tougher conditions. A winter safety service check can also help to foresee any potential problems your car might face, and get the vehicle ready for colder weather so it keeps performing well.

    At LG Car Sales, we know just what keeps a good motor running. As well as providing Cambridgeshire with a fantastic stock of premium used cars at amazing prices, we have been offering servicing and MOT testing for all makes and models since the 1990s. We know how to put a car through its paces! Our car maintenance specialists can check your car over in time for the cold weather, and recommend any work needed. We can also give your heating system a thorough inspection and make sure it will keep working all winter - and while we are at it, we will top up your antifreeze and give your wipers a good check. We can also take a look at your tyres and make sure they will keep you on the road in slippery conditions.

    All vehicles we sell during the winter months will be subject to the same strict seasonal checks. Our used vehicles are thoroughly tested before sale for your peace of mind, and we can advise on any winter modifications or maintenance that could make travel easier for you. We want our customers to stay safe this winter, and to ensure that driving is still an enjoyable experience - whatever the weather may be! Call LG Car Sales today for more information on our garage services.