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  • Save money on your road tax with a new car

    How getting an eco friendly vehicle could help you save

    With the abolition of paper tax discs in October 2014, the little paper circles you’ve seen in car windscreens since 1921 have disappeared. It’s now down to you to make sure that your vehicle is properly taxed, and that the nice people at HMRC have had your road tax payment, or Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) for the year, whether you pay it in two instalments or one.

    Vehicle Tax Bands Explained

    All vehicles fall in to one of 13 bands, or groups. The higher the band, the more you pay. The band your vehicle falls into depends on its emissions output. The more environmentally friendly your vehicle is, the less tax you pay. It’s part of the government’s initiative to encourage us all to go a little bit more “green.”

    Cars with Lower Tax Bands

    The bands are labelled with letters – the earlier in the alphabet your tax band is, the less you pay. Band A cars are free – no tax to pay whatsoever! They produce less than 100g per km of carbon dioxide, so are not very harmful to the environment at all. If you want one of these, look for cars such as the BlueMotion variant of VW’s Polo, Golf and Up, Ford Fiesta TDCi 95, Audi’s A1 in diesel, the Efficient Dynamics version of BMW’s 116d, Volvo’s V40 in diesel, or the diesel versions of Hyundai’s i10, i20 and i30.

    Save Money and the Environment

    These lower tax band cars have been very positively received by buyers, many of whom are keen to keep as much of their own money from the tax man as possible. The effect on the environment is also positive, with pollution levels resulting from vehicle emissions falling as car manufacturers get on board with the green message. However, the tax man is not so happy, as it means he’s not gaining as much money as he once did from VED.

    Eco-friendly cars in Cambridgeshire – Visit us at LG Car Sales

    If you want to save your money from falling into the tax man’s coffers, come and speak to LG Car Sales in Cambridgeshire about a new, eco-friendly car or you can view our selection of vehicles online.