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  • L G Car Sales Ice Bucket Challenge video

    Ice bucket challenge

    When someone mentioned to Alex Andrews, one of our management team here at L G Car Sales, that he had been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge, several other members of the team are reputed to have said that it would no doubt include a silver bucket, cold champagne, and at least one butler!

    Very unkind because he’s a great sport really – and so generous of spirit. That’s why he insisted (he claims invited) several other members of our team to join in with the “fun”. As you’ll see on our YouTube video  we decided to get the job done properly. “Cue the large bucket” he shouted cheerfully – manager – director – it’s all the same to Alex.

    The result is spectacular, as you’ll see. The same can be said of the Ice Bucket Challenge itself. It’s raising awareness and funds for research into the appalling illness that is Motor Neurone disease. Research commissioned by the Charities Aid Foundation has suggested that one in every six Britons has already taken part in it. In one week towards the end of August, the Motor Neurone Disease Foundation in the UK found that its normal weekly level of donations had gone from £200K to £2.7 million. ALS, the MND charity in the US, in the four weeks to 29th August, saw its donations rise from $2.7m last year to a truly astonishing $98.2m this year!

    Sadly, some folk have poured cold water (sorry) on this idea. We hope you agree that such stunning results are worth the occasional splattered hairdo (Alex again).