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  • Rediscover your driving mojo

    Time to indulge yourself with a new car

    Congratulations, you’ve done it. The children are preparing themselves for their first taste of life away from home; all those years spent on school runs, pick-ups and drop-offs and getting them ready for a life away from the nest have paid off.

    Be more adventurous

    That point in life when you don’t have to worry so much about the practicalities of a particular make or model of vehicle can mean that you can let yourself go a little, be a little more adventurous and be a little less concerned about space, number of doors and fuel efficiency - these things still matter of course, but now you can factor in other, more exciting possibilities: would it make the neighbours envious? Is the boot big enough for a weekend bag and the golf clubs?

    A lot of people tend to label these points in life as mid-life crises, but they simply aren’t, they’re times in life when you can live a little and make some choices based around your own fun and enjoyment, having worked hard to raise a family along with all the sacrifices that come with such endeavours. It’s quite normal to want to relax, live a little, and yes, treat yourself to something a little different.

    We can help you find the perfect vehicle

    LG Car Sales understand all of the above and offer an impressive range of cars with adventure and enjoyment in mind, whether you’re looking to go touring with a caravan, adventuring and exploring in a four wheel drive or just driving in a fun sports car. LG Car Sales have plenty to show you, with regularly updated stock and knowledgeable and helpful sales staff, combined with a range of award winning warranties and finance tailored to your needs. It’s high time you paid LG Car Sales a visit.