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  • Let LG Car Sales simplify your car finance options

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    For many people who want to buy a used car in Cambridge, finance is often the best solution for them. However, many people struggle to get finance due to a poor credit history or have a limited monthly budget. 

    With so many lenders to choose from, each of whom offers different lending criteria, and different ways to finance, it can be very difficult to find the appropriate option when you're in need of a new car.

    Mrs. Thompson of Cambridge was in a similar situation. Suddenly finding herself in need of a new used car for her job, she was unable to get financing from her bank because she had a poor credit history. She had no savings to use, and she had no available credit on her credit card to put towards getting a new car. She didn’t have the option of applying for a secured loan and couldn’t afford the time and hassle of asking for an advance on her mortgage.

    However, Mrs. Thompson was able to speak to LG Car Sales whose sales staff were able to guide her through the process of applying for dealer finance to get a new car.

    She was given expert advice on the different options available to her, and guided through all the steps during her application for finance. The car finance specialist was able to answer all of her questions and explain to her all the different facts and figures associated with each option and lender.

    With the expert help of the sales staff, Mrs. Thompson was able to find and tailor the best deal for her to afford her used car, and she received an instant decision. The finance option was suited to her monthly budget, the length of time she needed the vehicle for and offered the best value for money based on her circumstances. 

    It saved her time and difficulty going through all the options herself and gave her a quick solution to her problem that was tailored to her financial needs. The payment was made on the same day and she was able to drive away in the car in the same day.

    Apply online for used car finance in Cambridge, visit our finance page.