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  • A look at the luxurious Jaguar XF

    See how you can drive away in a luxury Jag for under £16k

    The Jaguar XF is back in the spotlight this year after a brief time on the shelf, and the updated model is looking absolutely fantastic. If you are in the market for an elegant yet practical business saloon, this is definitely a car to consider. Built in lightweight aluminium with a 3.0-litre engine, the ultra-modern XF still delivers that classic Jaguar performance and style. Highly rated by motoring enthusiasts, the popular model accounts for a large proportion of current Jaguar sales.

    The XF has been around since 2007, and it has received very favourable reviews since its release. Now coming into its second generation, it looks like the XF brand is here to stay. LG Car Sales currently has an amazing deal on a used Jaguar XF V6 Saloon in blue, which can be picked up today for under £16,000. The automatic diesel is very efficient at around 45 - 48 miles to the gallon, and features power assisted steering, traction control and keyless start technology.

    Those looking for a work vehicle that gives off the right impression are sure to be attracted to the sleek, classy Jaguar. The brand is linked with sophistication and Jaguar cars are highly sought after. The chance to own one second-hand enables buyers on a budget to enjoy the feel of driving an elite vehicle. You can pop down to LG Car Sales today and take a look at this amazing vehicle. If you decide the XF is not for you, we also have some superb vehicles from other leading manufacturers - including elite ranges and premium sports models. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, come and see what we have in stock or browse our current sales list online.