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  • The evolution of the Ford Focus

    A ford focus car in silver

    The Ford Focus is one of the most successful cars of the last two decades. It was introduced nearly 17 years ago and in line with many used Fords, the Focus has kept its worth and value remarkably well in a crowded segment. The first generation Ford Focus was introduced to supersede the popular Ford Escort, and it instantly wowed consumers with its innovative styling, modern interior and first class practicality. With many first generation used Ford Focus still on the road today, it is instantly recognisable as one of the most reliable and popular cars in the United Kingdom.

    Additionally, with Ford's desire to appeal to a wide segment, performance models such as the ST and RS allowed a far reaching appeal - the basic, user-friendly construction of the car also ensured a good degree of customisation and personalisation, allowing parts and components to be available cheaply and readily.

    The second generation Ford Focus is noticeably larger and more refined than the first generation; introduced to the market in 2004, it did however maintain the majority of what made the first generation so successful. The suspension design and build quality was maintained, and this was reflected in the excellent ride and comfort, as well as the car's superb handling and performance.

    The third generation of the Ford Focus has confirmed the car's status as one of the most popular vehicles on Britain's roads. Backed up by excellent performance adaptations and an enviable motorsport record, used Ford Focus models of all generations are fantastic value for money and continue to impress customers many years after initial purchase.

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