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  • Time to Enjoy Driving

    Man driving a car

    Research carried out by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has shown that out of more than 2000 drivers surveyed, a third said that they no longer enjoy driving. Two of the main reasons for this were the volume of traffic on UK roads and the price of fuel, which is constantly rising.

    Now whilst everyone here at LG Car Sales understands that running a car isn’t cheap, and although many of us would love to drive a Ferrari, practicality and budgets will always be the deciding factors.

    So how can we help you enjoy driving again?

    LG Car Sales sell quality used cars here in Cambridgeshire, and many of you may be thinking the word ’used’ doesn’t sound anything like fun! But that’s where your wrong - allow us to explain.

    When you buy a quality used car from a reputable dealer (LG Car Sales for example), you know you’re getting a car with great bodywork, serviced and mot’d and complete with a warranty. In fact it won’t be what you’d envisage as a ‘used car'. When you drive your car away you'll have a smile on your face, as you won’t feel like you’re driving a second hand vehicle. 

    Small cars for example might have been bought on price, but they can be lots of fun to drive. For example, a hot hatch is a small four-wheeler but has a powerful engine, is very responsive, has agility but is practical and affordable. So small cars can be fun and are perfect for everyday driving.

    What’s going on inside your car? Whilst the car you drive is the main contributor to enjoying driving, a lot of the enjoyment is down to what is happening inside. Simple things like having a clean valeted car will make your journey more enjoyable, so get your car vac, Mr Sheen and duster out and give it a once over. Music plays a part too, why not get yourself a new stereo system for your car, or set up your phone to the hands free system so you can listen to the top tunes you prefer.

    Buying a used car is also cheaper, so it does enable you to purchase a make and model of car you may not have been able to afford if buying new.

    Driving should be fun, but please don’t resort to these tactics to enjoy it!