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  • Top 3 future-proof gadgets in cars

    Future-proof your car with the latest tech

    If you love your gadgets, there's a vast range of them available in modern cars. In fact, pretty much every single feature of the modern car was once a luxury gadget which you paid extra for, even though we now expect it as standard. What are the current gadgets you can find in a car which we think will continue to make it desirable? Here’s our top three.

    1) USB ports

    Pretty much every phone or tablet these days can be charged up by USB. Plug it in, and boost your battery, or in some cases, link it to your car stereo system. The more you can get, the better. You’ll want to plug in your phone, your kids will want to power their tablets to watch a movie on long journeys, and since USB is a universal socket, you’ll be able to use all sorts of devices from across the world as the years go by.

    2) Wired for sound

    While many car audio systems still rely on CDs, the latest generation come with DAB radios and iPod connections. Some will even hook up to your Bluetooth enabled MP3 player and let you play your music with no cables whatsoever. It couldn’t be easier. Have a good look at any car you’re considering, and ask yourself if its audio system utilises these wireless technologies.

    3) Smile for the camera

    A lot of the higher end vehicles on the market have built-in cameras. These are a step up from parking sensors, which beeped as you got close to potential obstacles (and accidents), to alert you to the danger approaching. These video cameras allow you to have a virtual eye on the wall or fence you’re reversing towards.

    Not all of these technologies are easy to fit in to a car once you’ve bought it, so if you’re looking for a particular gadget, try your hardest to ensure that you buy a car with it already fitted. LG Car Sales have plenty of cars with high tech and low tech options, so whatever your preference, we’re bound to have something you’ll like. Come and visit us over in Ely, Cambridgeshire to see our selection of used cars or you can view our latest stock online on our website. 

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