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  • Used cars on a cambridgeshire solar road

    Used Cars in Cambridgeshire

    Are you giggling at the idea? Well, American couple Scott and Julie Brusaw might just replace the grin with a look of astonishment. It’s their idea to create a road where a glass surface with LED solar cells inside can collect the power of the sun’s hot rays (okay, you’ve got us, they don’t live in Cambridgeshire). Mind you, part of the idea is to include heat in the road itself to deal with whatever winter throws at it. LED light cells could also be used in place of lane markers and the like, and even be programmed to provide warning messages for accidents and delays. So, if this is how our roads are sometime down the line – remember you heard it here first!

    You probably never knew that roads were so interesting! We also found out that the world’s oldest paved road was created in Egypt close to five thousand years ago. Stone paving for streets has been found in Ur in southern Iraq that are over a thousand years older than that. From around the same time, log roads were in use around Glastonbury in Somerset.

    With roads so ancient, it’s interesting to know that the UK’s first stretch of motorway was opened for traffic by Prime minister Harold MacMillan less than sixty years ago. It was just over 8 miles long and was officially known as ‘The Preston Bypass’.

    All this makes our team at LG Car Sales feel as if we are almost still the new kids on the block – even if we have been offering quality used cars in Cambridge for almost a quarter of a century. Even more recently, it’s a mere decade or so since we relocated here to our superb Ely showroom. And, in spite of what some folk have unkindly suggested, none of us had our first commute to work in a Model-T!

    However, we are into our third generation of customers, following-on from each other, who have trusted LG Car Sales to provide great used car choices, terrific value, superb servicing facilities, and excellent part-exchange prices, and finance or warranty packages. You can view all of our current vehicle choices here.

    By the way, with all this information about the history of roads, we still don’t know why the chicken crossed...