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  • Welcome to our new blog


    Here at LG Car Sales we are very excited as we launch the first ever blog on our site. Our aim with the blog is to keep our customers informed and up to date with all the latest information on quality used cars, such as:

    • Reviews of cars
    • Feedback from customers on LG Car Sales
    • Any offers we have on quality used cars
    • Answer customers questions
    • Helpful info for customers looking for used cars in Ely Cambridgeshire
    • Car finance advice
    • Things that could help increase your car's resale value

    We thought seasonal blogs would be a great idea too. For example, summer blogs might include posts such as tips when towing vehicles such as caravans. With so many families taking holidays in the UK a blog on basic car checks that drivers should make before making a long road journey in the summer.

    Whilst we don’t want customers to forget about LG Car Sales the blog will not be a sales ad. The way we see it is that the more helpful information and advice we can give people the more they will read our blog. Hopefully this will build trust and our great reputation will spread.

    With such a wide scope of experience here in the business our aim is to make the blog informative, interesting, helpful and sometimes funny (we have many true customer stories of buying cars that will make you howl). There are also lots of videos we would like to share with you that many customers may find useful.

    Your feedback on our blog will be much appreciated and valued so please feel free to keep in touch with us. We’re here because of you-the customer, so we hope you enjoy reading our blog and find it useful.