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  • Why superminis make a super choice

    The Peugeot 208 is a popular supermini

    Although they’re called “superminis”, some of the cars which fall into this bracket are actually not that small at all, and are more than big enough to carry a family of four and their luggage. Some of the cars in this category include VW’s Polo, Skoda’s Fabia and Peugeot’s 208, which we’re sure you’ll recognise as popular choices.

    The great thing about the supermini market is that vehicle manufacturers are realising that people are downsizing their cars to save money, but don’t want to sacrifice the style and features which they’ve been used to with their bigger vehicles. As a result, going for a supermini no longer means stepping down in style or quality. In fact, many superminis actually have even better tech and gadgets than some of the executive hatchbacks. You’d struggle to find a supermini without air conditioning, while manufacturers are increasingly including features which were previously the domain of the higher level cars, like sat nav, Bluetooth audio and cruise control.

    In the last ten years, the supermini has sold incredibly well – with a 134% increase during that time. The most likely purchaser these days is a buyer who’s downsizing from a people carrier or larger saloon like a Ford Focus, or VW Golf, in favour of the smaller Polo or Fiesta.

    You’ll also be spoiled for choice when it comes to the type of engine you’ll have. Three cylinder petrol is still the traditional choice, but if you’re looking for great savings, you can get your supermini with a more wallet-friendly turbo diesel engine as well. If you’re planning on doing a lot of miles, this may be a really economical choice for you.

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