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  • 5 easy DIY fixes before you go in for your MOT

    We offer a reliable vehicle MOT service

    A shocking 40% of all cars fail their MOT the first time round and a lot aren't due to big problems, but rather easy fixes that can be sorted yourself for almost nothing! Before taking your car in for an MOT, consider these five simple steps to help you breeze through first time.

    Wiper blades

    Poorly performing blades can be dangerous in heavy rain, and are a minor problem that can be sorted in no time. Any local car supplies stockist will have a range of wiper blades suitable for your vehicle, and a set of easy-to-follow instructions will be included in the packaging. Some shops will even fit them for you!


    It’s easy to find yourself with weak bulbs as they gradually deteriorate over time meaning you don’t notice, but replacing your bulbs at suitable intervals is crucial to keeping safe on the road. There are lots of helpful online tutorials about fitting new bulbs, and this will save you possibly failing your MOT further down the line.

    Check the horn

    It sounds silly, but how often do you use your horn? Not very often, hopefully! Give it a quick press on a quiet road away from housing and check that it's in full working order.

    Look for chips

    Windscreen chips on the driver’s side are a no-no at MOT time, so have a look in your eye-line and make sure there are no hidden chips waiting to worsen. Many companies fill in chips for free!

    Have a spring clean

    In some situations, garages can turn cars away from an MOT if they're too messy or dirty. Give your vehicle a spruce to ensure this isn’t a problem.

    If you’re looking for a friendly and reliable MOT service, give us a call here at LG Car Sales on 01353 862999 and we’ll be happy to help.